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Buying and Selling with Pets

Ready to Tackle the World of Real Estate with Your Furry Friend?

If you're a pet parent, your furry friend is more than just a companion—they're part of your family. When it comes to buying or selling a home, you'll want to consider their unique needs before making a move.

Not sure where to start? Don't worry—as fellow pet-lovers, we have what it takes to help you navigate the ins and outs of the Triangle real estate world with your fur baby. Whether you need some tidying tips or want to find special features for Fido, you'll rest easy knowing TradeMark Residential is on your side.  

Making a Move? Your Pet Matters!

Ready to make a move? It doesn't matter if your friend has fur, feathers, or scales—there are plenty of properties around the Triangle to suit their one-of-a-kind needs! 

Before you start your home search, you'll want to take your pet's must-haves into account and prep them for the moving process. It can be hard to know what to look for in a new space, but we have a few features you'll want to keep in mind before putting in an offer. 

Things to Look For:

Room to Roam

A fully-fenced yard is one of the top features for pet owners looking to upgrade their homes. Be sure to scope out the terrain during a showing and make sure the fence is fully in-tact—you don't want your pup slipping out because of a small hole!

Pet-Friendly Floors

Let's face it—every pet has had an accident. If you're worried about Fluffy making a mess or scampering on slippery tile, you may want to be on the lookout for pet-safe floors in your next home. Hardwoods are your best bet, as they can be cleaned and refinished as much as you want.

Special Features

Does your pup have trouble navigating steep stairs? Is Fido already accustomed to using a doggy door to get outside? Believe it or not, many sellers have pets of their own—which means some homes might already come with featured tailored to your pets' unique needs.  

Selling with Your Pet?

Owning a pet often comes with tons of unexpected surprises...and messes. Even the smallest critters can send your space into disarray, and when you're getting ready to sell, you want your home to look its best. We're here to give you all of our essential tips, from deodorizing your home to making small repairs. 

As you prepare to list, it's crucial to ensure that your companion remains comfortable, but you'll also want to eliminate any of the negative effects that pet ownership has had on your home. Believe it or not, selling with pets is easier than you think, and we can't wait to help you navigate the process.

How to Prepare:

Create a Plan

Although some buyers will love being greeted by Fido at the door, others might be allergic or uncomfortable around animals. Don't let your pet prevent a sale—instead, create a plan with your agent and find a safe place to keep them while buyers are touring your place. You may even want to consider boarding your pet or heading to the local dog park whenever you have a showing. 

Eliminate Odors

Pets are great, but their smells definitely leave something to be desired. Unfortunately, litter boxes, smelly crates, and other odors might have already seeped into the carpet. However, steam-cleaning your floors can get things smelling new, and you can even buy special deodorizers to get rid of unwanted scents fast.

Remove Any Signs

Your pet has probably left their own unique touch on your the form of chew marks, endless toys, and some yellow spots on the lawn. Don't let these unsightly features turn buyers off! Instead, make necessary repairs before you list and get creative when it comes to hiding your pet's stuff. You can easily store crates in closets or put conceal food bowls in the pantry. 

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Your Dream Home is Waiting...

Ready to start your real estate journey with Fluffy and Fido in tow? We’ve got the resources to help you out! Contact TradeMark Residential to schedule a showing of you and your pet's favorite homes, or check out our selling resources to read up on our best tips before you list!