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There are so many benefits to living in a home with a pool—from hosting pool parties to keeping cool in the heat of summer to giving the kids a place to play. Take a look at all the benefits of buying a home with a pool and start searching pool homes for sale in the Triangle today.

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Your Backyard Oasis Awaits!

Imagine ending another hot summer day with a refreshing dip in the pool, or perhaps hosting barbecues on the pool deck while the kids make a splash. What about starting your mornings with some low-impact exercise? All these dreams (and more) can come true... when you own a home with a pool!

Why Buy a Home With a Pool?

NC Is Hot!

The summer heat (and the humidity!) is no joke here in Raleigh... but you can forget sweltering on the porch when you're lounging in the pool instead!

Staying Active (Conveniently)

Forget trekking to the gym or the nearest recreation center for your daily exercise. Just head out the back door. Bonus: if you've got kids, it's an easy way to keep them active, too.


No need to share the water with other noisy, splashy, or inconsiderate guests. You might love your neighbors, but sometimes it's nice just to enjoy a little peace and privacy during your pool time.


What's more fun than a pool party? It doesn't even have to be a party to be fun, though. Grab the kids or a friend, and start a game of water polo or a swimming race.

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